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If you have a question about the market, please take a look at the FAQ's below.

If you are considering applying for a stall, please read our terms and conditions for trading before booking.

Where is the market?
We hold markets in various locations around Whalley Range.  

How much does a stall cost?
The prices for 2019 are as follows: Stall fees for our markets are £30 for a single stall, £20 for a shared stall (2 traders per stall.)  
Fees for van/trailer/Own stall pitches are £25 - max length 3.5m.

How big is a stall?
 single stall is 3m x 3m. A shared stall is a single shared with one other trader, either back to back or on a corner.  

What is included with the stall?
The price of the stall fee includes gazebo shelter, one table per trader (extras may be available on the day at no extra cost, but these aren’t guaranteed). Folding chairs (1 per trader) are available on request.  

What size are your tables?
1.8 metres long, 0.76 metres wide  

How do shared stalls work?
A shared stall is a single (3m x 3m) stall shared with one other trader, either back to back or on a corner. You can request that you’d like to share with another trader (and give their details) when booking. We will do our best to accommodate your request but can’t always guarantee it. Please note that if you wish to share with someone and you are separate businesses – covered by separate insurance policies – you will both need to apply and pay for separate shared stalls.  

How do I apply for a stall?
You can apply for a stall either through an invitation email we send you (if you are in our database), by contacting us using the contact form on our website. Once you have completed your application, we will process the bookings and send you a confirmation email advising you of the dates you have successfully booked and which ones you have been placed on a waiting list for.  

What do I need in order to trade?
Before trading, we are require to ensure that each and every trader provides us with evidence of public liability insurance, with cover of at least £5 million. For markets held on Council owned property, the PL Insurance must be £10 million. Once your booking has been confirmed, please email us either a scanned copy or simply a picture of your insurance document to
If you sell food, we also require a copy of your Food Hygiene Training Level 2 certificate or equivalent, sent to the same email address.

Is electricity available?
Not always. Please enquire beforehand

What are the trading hours for the market?
Trading times for our markets are published prior to the event.

Do I have to pay now, when I apply for a stall?
No. Payment is due once your booking(s) is confirmed by us by invoice. We require payment for each market at least 7 days before the market date. Once your booking is confirmed, we will send you an email with payment instructions.

What happens if I haven’t paid my stall fee by the market date?
We require payment for each market at least 7 days before the market date and early payments help reduce our workload. If you haven’t paid 7 days before the market date then other traders will be offered your place.

I’m on the waiting list – what does that mean?
When you receive confirmation of your bookings, you may spot that some dates have ‘WAITING LIST’ next to them. There are several reasons why you may have been placed on a waiting list – the market you booked for may be full, there may be traders booked in for that day whose products are close enough to your own as to be likely to diminish your trade. If we receive any cancellations, we will make it a priority to contact traders on the waiting list with as much notice as possible.

Is parking available?
There is on-street parking available around the local area. Traders vehicles must leave the market site 30 minutes before trading starts and may not return until after trading ends.

What do I do about waste?
Traders are responsible for removing ALL of their own waste from the market and tidying up the area around their stall.

Is running water available on site?
Not always. Please enquire beforehand. You may need to bring your own water for cooking etc. and make plans for hand washing (i.e. using anti-bacterial wipes, disposable gloves, tongs etc.)